Forest Industries Training Institute (FITI)

Sustainable Forest Industries


The Forest Industries Training Institute was established in 1975 with financial assistance from the Swedish government and implemented by Swedish International Development Agency SIDA.

After five years of funding program with SIDA, the program was handed over to Finnish International Development Agency FINNIDA that ran the program from 1980 to 1988. During that time the West Kilimanjaro training center was built with assistance from Finnish government. In 1988 the Government of Tanzania took over the institute's activities. 

Today the institute is owned and managed by the Government of Tanzania through the Forestry and Beekeeping Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Cooperation with Finland goes on with a program with Häme University of Applied Sciences offering experience sharing, teacher and staff exchange and internship possibilities for students.

FITI is  committed to offer quality technical training including research, extension and consultancy services in mechanical wood processing for the development of wood industries in a sustainable use of forest resources so as to contribute effectively to the national economy, environmental protection and poverty reduction to meet millennium goal.