Forest Industries Training Institute (FITI)

Sustainable Forest Industries


The institute has dormitories for female and male students. To keep the rooms clean and comfortable, there are certain rules concerning about life in the dormitories.

All students must live in the institute's dormitories. 

Students are required to clean and take good care of their rooms.

Cooking is not allowed in the dormitories.

Students are not allowed to move or take away the furniture in the rooms. If institute's property is damaged or lost, the student will be required to pay the full price of the item.

Students can use laptops, irons, electronic lamps and hairdryers in the dormitories, otherwise electronic devices are not allowed.

Loud music is not allowed during 10 pm - 6 am.

All students must respect others living in the dormitories.

Institute's cafeteria offers the students breakfast, midday tea, lunch and dinner.